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Business of JPRS

JPRS manages, administers and conducts agency business for domain names and provides domain name services including operation of the DNS. JPRS also conducts research and development of various Internet-related technologies.

Domain name service

To register a domain name, the applicant signs up for the desired name with a JPRS Partner. The JPRS Partner then goes through the registration procedure with JPRS. This framework offers applicants and registrants diversity of registration services which differ among JPRS Partners. The overall quality of service is also improved through competition, and service scalability can be achieved.

JPRS, as the registry of JP Domain Name, examines the eligibility of JP domain name applications submitted through JPRS Partners and accepts them, and manages and operates the database of all registered JP domain names. Specifically, JPRS operates JP DNS and provides information via the WHOIS service for users worldwide.

JPRS also carries out agency business for other domain names (gTLD, etc.) than JP which are applied for through JPRS Partners to each registry.

JPRS also issues digital certificates in order to enhance the security and reliability of domain names.

Furthermore, JPRS conducts research and development of new technologies to address the needs of registrants and users in a timely manner.


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