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Japanese JP Domain Name

JPRS is actively promoting IDNs (Internationalized domain names) to render the Internet environment more convenient for non-English speaking users. As part of this effort, JPRS provides registration service for Japanese JP Domain Name. The service was officially authorized by ICANN on 30 June 2003.

What is Japanese JP Domain Name?

Japanese JP domain name can be registered in General-use JP Domain Name and Prefecture Type JP Domain Name. Japanese character is useable as Japanese JP Domain Name label.

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Japanese JP Domain Name is recognizable for Japanese users. It is eye-catching on advertisement, company brochures, and name cards, so has an appeal power in navigating Japanese users to intended websites.

Japanese JP Domain Name may be registered through JP Registrar. Please consult with JP Registrar for details. You can find out your JP Registrar from the list in the following URL: (in Japanese)

Internet Access through Japanese JP Domain Name

Like alphanumeric domain names, Japanese JP domain names can be registered in .JP name server.
Mechanism of Internet access using Japanese Domain Name is shown below:


Query to name servers or access to webpages are converted to ASCII, so you can use existing DNS and Web servers.

Access with Japanese domain names is available through IDN-aware application software such as Web browser, DNS and Web servers.

Punycode is used as an ACE encoding of Japanese Domain Name. Please refer to "Service Migration Schedule of Japanese JP Domain Name" for detailed schedule of migration from RACE to Punycode.

If you operate Japanese JP domain names in your DNS and/or Web server with RACE, you need to change these setup. Please refer to "Japanese JP Domain Name Operation Guide"(.pdf) (in Japanese) for details.

Related Activitiy

As a member of JDNA(Japanese Domain Names Association) which was established on July 13, 2001, JPRS contributes to the development of IDNs including Japanese JP Domain Name.

JDNA aims to satisfy the need of overseeing and coordinating comprehensive activities concerning Japanese domain names so that application software can be developed and deployed swiftly. JPRS decided to join JDNA as we consider that JDNA is able to promote the sound development of the market for Japanese domain names and make Internet users happier.

For more information on these activities, please refer to the press releases and related web pages.

Related URL

Japanese Domain Names Association (in Japanese)

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