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Guide to JP Domain Name

JP Domain Name is the domain name space for the organizations and individuals in Japan.

General-use JP Domain Name:
Domain name type without restrictions on the number of registration per registrant

.JP Any individual, group, or organization that has a permanent postal address in Japan may apply for a 2nd level, i.e., General-use JP Domain Name.

Prefecture Type JP Domain Name:
Domain name type without restrictions on the number of registration per registrant

(name of prefecture).jp Any person or organization having a residential address in Japan can register any number of domain names.
Prefecture Type JP Domain Name includes one of the names of the 47 prefectures in its structure.
The second and third level domain can be registered in both ASCII and Japanese.

Organizational/Geographic Type JP Domain Name:
Domain name types in which the number of registration is limited to one per registrant

CO.JP Companies (kaisha) having an official corporate registration in Japan. Non-Japanese companies that are registered as "Gaikoku Kaisha" may also apply.
OR.JP Judicial persons (other than kaisha) established under the laws of Japan.
NE.JP Network service providers in Japan, offering network services to the general public on either profit or non-profit basis.
AC.JP Schools established under the School Education Law or other laws, institutions used by several different universities, universities, technical schools (shokugyo kunren-ko), incorporated schools, incorporated technical schools.
AD.JP JPNIC[*1] members.
For more detail, see " Registration and Administration of .AD Second-level Domain (AD.JP) "(in Japanese):
ED.JP Nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, middle educational schools, high schools, schools for handicapped children, vocational schools (senshu gakko), and other types of schools which are mainly for people under the age of 18.
GO.JP Japanese government authorities, research institutes under Japanese authority's jurisdiction, and government-affiliated corporations.
GR.JP Groups which consist of two or more individuals residing in Japan, or groups of two or more corporations [*2] established under the laws of Japan.
LG.JP Japanese local authorities.
For details, please refer to the registration rule for LG.JP (in Japanese):
GEO Geographic Type JP Domain Name. Japanese local public bodies and their organs, special wards and their organs, hospitals, individuals residing in Japan, and organizations having registration eligibility for any of the organizational type domain names: AC, CO, ED, GO, OR, NE, GR.

*JPRS closed new registration of "Geographic Type JP Domain Name" on 31 March 2012. All registered "Geographic Type" JP domain names are still available after that date.

*JPRS launched a new registration service of "Prefecture Type JP Domain Name", which is composed by the name of Japanese 47 prefectures in the second level domain (SLD) on November 2012.
For more information about "Prefecture Type JP Domain Name", please refer the following URL (written in Japanese):

*1 Japan Network Infomation Center
*2 The representative and alternate representative of each group must be individuals who reside in Japan, or corporations established under the laws of Japan.

General-use JP Domain Names: Implementation Details and Evaluations

(27 August, 2001)

* The rules and specifications written in the above files are as of August 2001. Please refer to the latest registration rules for accuracy.

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