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Press Release

4 Sep.2017 Cumulative Number of General-use JP Domain Names Exceeded 1 Million
27 Jun.2017 Hirofumi Hotta of JPRS Received the ICANN 2017 Multistakeholder Ethos Award
13 Jul.2015 JPRS to Launch a Joint Research Project with ISPs to Create a More Fault-Tolerant DNS Environment
23 Jun.2015 JPRS signs MoU with ICANN and JPNIC on Japanese translation of ICANN materials
4 Nov.2014 JPRS Introduces Japanese Characters into Prefecture Labels of Prefecture Type JP Domain Names
25 Apr.2014 JPRS to provide Japan's first operational scheme to support new gTLD registrations
19 Aug.2013 Application for New gTLD ".jprs" Passes Initial Evaluation
26 Feb.2013 JPRS agrees on further cooperation with ICANN activities during visit by ICANN president
26 Feb.2013 Hirofumi Hotta of JPRS appointed to APTLD board of directors
14 Jun.2012 JPRS files a New gTLD Program application with ICANN to establish ".jprs" for the purpose of research for the Internet
17 Jan.2011 JPRS Deploys DNSSEC in the JP Domain Name Service
22 Apr.2009 JPRS Participates in BIND 10 Development Project
5 Feb.2008 The M-Root DNS server has its IPv6 address registered in the root zone, making DNS queries in IPv6 possible, and further accelerating transition to IPv6.
20 Dec.2005 WIDE Project and JPRS Start Joint Operation of a Root DNS Server
8 Feb.2005 Cumulative Number of Registered General-Use JP Domain Names Exceeds 330,000, Surpassing Organizational/Geographic Type JP Domain Names - Total Number of JP Domain Name Reached 660,000 -
19 Jan.2005 JPRS applied for candidacy in the next registry operator for ".NET" jointly with NeuLevel - Aiming to further its contribution to the community by participating in the management and operation of the world's 2nd largest gTLD -
21 Jul.2004 JP Domain Name Starts the World's First Full Support for IPv6 as TLD - A landscape advance in IPv6 addressing environment in Japan -
2 Feb.2004 JPRS and IIJ Introduce IP Anycast Technology to JP DNS Service - JP DNS Even More Reliable with Better Quality of Service and Fault Tolerance -
7 Mar.2003 JPRS Will Start RFC-based Japanese JP Domain Name Registration and Management Services from March 20. - Internationalized Domain Name(IDN) Standard Published as RFCs -
21 Oct.2002 JPRS Starts Distribution of i-Nav? Plug-In Which Enables Web-Browsing with Japanese-Language .JP Domain Names- Japanese .JP Domain Names Become Easily Accessible with Internet Explorer -
1 Apr.2002 Management and Administration of .JP Top-Level Domain Transferred from JPNIC to JPRS - JPRS Starts Management Operations Today (April 1) -
28 Feb.2002 JPRS Signed an Agreement with ICANN on Management and Administration of .JP Top Level Domain - JPRS Will Start the Management and Administration from April 1. -
27 Aug.2001 JPRS today launches a new service for browsing Japanese JP domain names - Japanese JP domain names become accessible with Internet Explorer -
31 Jul.2001 JPRS announces a new service for browsing Japanese JP domain names - Japanese JP domain names become accessible through Internet Explorer -


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