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Q1 Can a non-Japanese corporation register a JP domain name?
A1 Companies or individuals that have a permanent postal address in Japan are eligible for registration of 2nd level, i.e., General-use JP Domain Name.
3rd level name under CO.JP may be applied by the companies incorporated with official registration in Japan. Non-Japanese corporations registered in Japan as "Gaikoku Kaisha (Foreign Company)" may also apply for a CO.JP domain name.
Q2 How can our company register a CO.JP domain name?
A2 Registrant of a CO.JP name must be a corporation registered under the laws of Japan. Non-Japanese corporations registered in Japan as "Gaikoku Kaisha (Foreign Company)" may also apply for a CO.JP domain name.
CO.JP domain name may be registered through JP Registrar. Please consult with them for details. The list of the Registrars is found at:
(Written in Japanese)
Q3 How can I register a 2nd-level, General-use JP Domain Name?
A3 Any individual, group or organization having a permanent postal address in Japan is eligible for registration of General-use JP Domain Name.
Please consult a JP Registrar for details. You can find out your JP Registrar from the list at the following URL:
(Written in Japanese)
Q4 What is the required registration process and how much is the cost?
A4 Your registration will be completed through JP Registrar. And the fee for the registration varies according to the types of services offered by the Registrar. Please refer to the list of the JP Registrars for further details.
(Written in Japanese)
Q5 What is Organizational Type JP Domain Name and General-use JP Domain Name?
A5 Please refer the following URL (written in Japanese):
Q6 Is it necessary that all application forms and supporting documents are written with Japanese character?
A6 Most of the information required upon registration must be written with Japanese character, though there are certain items which may be in alphanumeric characters. For example, if the legal name of a registrant contains alphabet, the data item for the registrant name may be filled in with alphabet. Please consult with your JP Registrar for further details.
Q7 Is there a limit in the number of characters for a General-use JP domain name label?
A7 A General-use JP domain name containing Kanji, Hiragana, and/or Katakana must consist of one to fifteen (1~15) characters, excluding ".JP" suffix. The number of characters in an ASCII JP domain name must be from three to sixty-three (3~63).
Please note that if ASCII, Kanji, Hiragana and/or Katakana characters coexist in a same label of a General-use JP domain name, each character will be counted as one, whether or not it is of double byte code or single byte code.
Q8 How can I make the registered domain name live on the Internet?
A8 In order to use a domain name for website and/or e-mail addresses, you have to prepare and set up Web server and mail server first. Many JP Registrars are offering these kinds of servises. Please refer to the service directories of the Registrars found at:
(Written in Japanese)
Q9 The JP domain name which I registered and used has lost access to the Internet. What should I do to solve this problem?
A9 You may be having a trouble with the name server which hosts the domain name. We would suggest that you consult with the manager/company responsible for the server.
If there is no problem with the server, it is possible that the registration status of the domain name is changed for some reason. The current status of the JP domain name may be checked through JPRS WHOIS ( service. Please consult your JP Registrar for necessary correction.
Q10 Can I use the registered Japanese JP domain name in a website address (URL) ?
A10 Please consult with the JP Registrars offering the related services for details. The List of Registrars is found at:
(Written in Japanese)
In order to access to the Internet with the registered Japanese JP domain name, you need proper application softwares such as Web browsers and/or e-mail softwares that are IDN-aware. For reference, please see:
Japanese JP Domain Name
Q11 How can I change the data I registered in the JPRS WHOIS database?
A11 Necessary procedures differ depending on the Registrars. Please contact your Registrar how to modify the data.
Q12 My company had registered a JP domain name under its company name. The company is going to be merged with another company, and the corporate name will be changed. Is there any procedure I should follow to update the information registered in the WHOIS database?
A12 You must modify the registered information about your company. For further details, please consult with your JP Registrar.
Q13 How can I find out who my registrar is?
A13 Please contact JPRS ( with your registered domain name. Please note that we provide for the identity of the JP Registrar associated with particular JP domain name (s) to the registrant only.
Q14 How can I change the Registrar of my domain name?
A14 Please let your new Registrar know that you would like to transfer from the current Registrar.
Q15 How can we become a registrar of JP Domain Name?
A15 JP Registrar must be the entity established and registered under the laws of Japan. Please also note all the communication between a JP Registrar and JPRS shall be made in Japanese language.
For details, please see the following URL:
(written in Japanese)
Q16 What procedure should I go through to renew my JP domain name registration?
A16 Renewal procedure and fee vary depending on the services that each JP Registrar provides. Please contact with your JP Registrar.
Q17 Is the zone file of JP domain/list of JP domain names published?
A17 No. We do not publish nor provide for JP zone file or JP domain name list (neither in whole nor in part).
Q18 We have found a JP domain name "EXAMPLE.JP" containing a string that represents our company name, Example, Inc. "EXAMPLE" is the registered trademark of our company. Can we get the domain name either transferred to us or deleted?
A18 JP domain name is registered on a first-come-first-served basis.
However, if a domain name is considered to be registered or used in bad faith, complaints may be filed to the dispute resolution service provider. For details, please refer to the "JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (JP-DRP)" maintained by Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) at:

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