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JPRS Engineer Co-authored a Standards Track RFC

(27 July 2017)

On 25 July 2017 (PDT), RFC 8198 ("Aggressive use of DNSSEC-validated Cache") co-authored by Kazunori Fujiwara of JPRS, Akira Kato of the Graduate School of Keio University and Warren Kumari of Google was issued as Standards Track.

RFC 8198

RFC 8198 updates RFC 4035 and specifies the use of NSEC/NSEC3 resource records to allow DNSSEC-validating resolvers to generate negative answers within a range and positive answers from wildcards. It increases performance, decreases latency, decreases resource utilization on both authoritative and recursive servers, and increases privacy.

Update history:
- Corrected the text (31 July 2017)

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